New Course: LSC874 Digital Humanities

For those of you new to my blog, welcome! This blog is a course project for LSC874 titled “Introduction to the Digital Humanities” taught in the Department of Library and Information Science at the Catholic University of America.  The first assignment for my students will be to create a WordPress blog. The course goal of this blog is to create a portfolio of their digital humanities work throughout the semester.

The first fun, short assignment will be to use a simple tool called Wordle. While not a text analysis tool (the creators designed it more for creating beautiful word clouds), Wordle can be used to display a file or portion of text to visualize word frequencies.

I created my Wordle below using a paragraph from Patrik Svensson’s article, “Humanities Computing as Digital Humanities,” about the digital humanities; I’ve cut and pasted the text below:

  • text analysis, corpora, corpus linguistics, language processing, language learning
  • libraries, archives and the creation, delivery, management and preservation of humanities digital resources
  • computer-based research and computing applications in all areas of literary, linguistic, cultural, and historical studies, including electronic literature and interdisciplinary aspects of modern scholarship
  • use of computation in such areas as the arts, architecture, music, film, theatre, new media, and other areas reflecting our cultural heritage
  • research issues such as: information design and modelling; the cultural impact of the new media; software studies; Human-Computer interaction
  • the role of digital humanities in academic curricula
  • digital humanities and diversity

Here is the word cloud:

wordle dh

The size of each word denotes the frequency of the word in the analyzed text.  The larger the word, the more often it is used in the text. Notice that there is no concording, lemmatization, etc.  If you are interested in other word cloud generators, check out the following list.

Here is the word cloud from Voyant:

Yoyant dh

What differences can we see between Wordle and Voyant?

In later assignments we will post more examples from Voyant tools and AntWordProfiler and compare results, focusing on text analysis issues.