A Survey of Digital Humanities Programs

Chris Alen Sula, S. E. Hackney, and Phillip Cunningham provide the results of a survey they did on examining the DH activities that constitute these programs,  the skills and methods needed, and what is missing. The value of this survey is that it provides “some empirical perspective on debates about teaching DH, particularly the attention paid to theory and critical reflection.”

“The number of digital humanities programs has risen steadily since 2008, adding capacity to the field. But what kind of capacity, and in what areas? This paper presents a survey of DH programs in the Anglophone world (Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States), including degrees, certificates, and formalized minors, concentrations, and specializations. By analyzing the location, structure, and disciplinarity of these programs, we examine the larger picture of DH, at least insofar as it is represented to prospective students and cultivated through required coursework.”

Source: A Survey of Digital Humanities Programs